Though I can’t say I’ve ever experienced it personally, I’m sure there are few feelings better than absolutely balling out and throwing around stacks of cash, partying and having a grand ol’ time. There’s a certain degree of hedonism to the experience that just seems appealing. BIJOU’s new music video for “Super Phat” with Ushiqute brings that fantasy to life in an exciting and catchy fashion.

The video begins with BIJOU waking up and turning on the TV to a video interview of Ushiqute counting a stack of $100 bills before BIJOU passes out again and enters a dream state. The rest of the video is lavish parties, fast cars, stylish clothes, and Ushiqute’s infectious attitude.

To my surprise, this is actually BIJOU’s very first music video.

“This was my first music video so that in itself made it great, but having Kaleena (Ushiqute) in this one made it special,” says BIJOU. “We really wanted to incorporate that old school hip hop music video vibe as that was the golden era of music videos. Cars, money, girls, parties, plus more was what made them so fun, So we took that concept and put our own twist on it while staying true to the old school. I couldn’t be more excited to finally drop this, and a big shoutout to everyone involved who made it possible!”

Check out “Super Phat” below!