VINAI have formulated a response after coming under fire for using some insensitive and arguably racist language while touring in Shanghai and Taipei. The original videos shown here, which were uploaded to the guys’ Instagram story, come across as disingenuous and even mockatory.

Now, they have issued an apology:

Hey guys …we are sorry we made a huge mistake and offend some of our fans which was NEVER our intention. Every friend of ours knows how much we love china and our fans. We sincerely apologize if we didn’t come across that way…people said that we are racist but we are not, we are against this…we are all the same

It sounds like this is a really bad joke gone terribly wrong. At least the guys of VINAI are taking full responsibility for their actions, apologizing to those they may have offended, and moving forward.

Let’s just hope the Asian EDM community is receptive to their message. See below.

VINAI Issue Statement