Something really not cool went on during an Alison Wonderland set recently. So, apparently this guy thought it would be a good idea to jump the rail, run on stage, and try to get past security. To do what, we have no idea — but he didn’t get too far.

Sure enough, security, or perhaps it was someone on Alison’s team, saw the guy coming from a mile away. A man on guard stepped in and dropped the stage rusher in one fluid motion. It all happened so fast, the crazed fan probably didn’t know what hit him. Someone was recording when the incident went down and the footage is fittingly titled “big fat no.” Just, no.

We all love to fangirl over Alison Wonderland. It’s totally normal. But, that alone doesn’t give anyone a free backstage pass or the right to rush the stage. Seriously, what was this guy thinking?

Let this post be a learning lesson… Don’t. Do. This. Ever. No matter the stage, no matter the artist, no matter the situation. Someone could get hurt.

Guy Rushes The Stage During Alison Wonderland Set