Buku has easily become one of my favorite bass producers of 2018. His Bassnectar-esque productions are of consistent quality and have a distinct personality that sets him apart from the pack, even in that realm of bass music. His new remix of “Come My Way” by The Funk Hunters is a perfect example.

“Come My Way” is a fan-favorite from The Funk Hunters’ debut album Typecast, released earlier this year. The original is a quasi-trap funky bass tune that comes to life thanks to vocals from LIINKS and Wet Paint, along with some choice lead synths. Buku reimagines the track entirely with some signature bass vibes; aside from some vocal stems from LIINKS and Wet Paint, it might as well be a whole new track!

“I absolutely fell in love with the vocal work of Liinks on ‘Come My Way.’ It provided an instant spark of inspiration, which carried me through crafting this tune for the club and at home.” – BUKU

Check out Buku’s remix below!