WHIPPED CREAM is an artist that grows exponentially with every single release. Not superficially, like with streaming numbers for example, but internally. As an artist, Caroline Cecil aka WHIPPED CREAM is constantly evolving and we can’t keep our ears off her work.

The producer’s latest, “LUV” is a prime example of her growth as a creator and her untamed path as she hacks her own way through the scene with a machete. The fierce mix of dark hip hop and bass music will keep you guessing for an abrupt 1:48, but that’s all the time WHIPPED CREAM needs to get her point across.

“I combined sounds and grooves from stuff I listened to when I first got into electronic music and put it all together into one piece of work,” she explains. “You think you know my sound? Think again. This piece is to leave my listener with questions and wanting more.”

Mission accomplished. With piercing visuals to match the harsh tone of “LUV,” WHIPPED CREAM unveils her own vision for the track. It’s surreal and moody, with the “strangeness of Bjork and the playfulness of Alice in Wonderland.”

The official music video is insane, but “LUV” will do that to you. Watch here!


Get it: https://BigBeat.lnk.to/LUVPR


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