Wooli and SampliFire‘s take on Seven Lions and Blastoyz‘s “After Dark” just blew our minds in the best possible way!

Although we knew the kind of relentless dubstep artists we were dealing with, the smooth, extended open heard here almost had us fooled. Instead of working into the psytrance arrangement of the original, Wooli and SampliFire build up the anticipation perfectly, and pause for a playful sort of “psych!” before unleashing their own madness on this remix.

As far as epic builds go, this is how it’s done. Gradually increasing intensity drives the track forward and we’re about 1:45 in before we hear any sort of drop. And, what a drop it is. Wooli and SampliFire defy the dubstep recipe for this one, allowing room to breathe on both ends of their thrashing climax.

Listen to “After Dark” here. The original is also below so you can hear the difference between both extravagant productions.

Seven Lions & Blastoyz – “After Dark” (Wooli & SampliFire Remix)

Seven Lions & Blastoyz – “After Dark” (Original)