Tech house is all the rage right now — and a fresh new talent out of Detroit is rising to the occasion. Meet IOTA and remember the name, as the producer is dedicated to bringing quality ghetto, retro, house and techno to the scene.

Feeding today’s tech house frenzy, IOTA presents “So Much Noise.” An otherwise traditional house production is amped up by deep horns, bellowing vocals, and an extraordinarily hype second release that will have you out of your seat in an instant. IOTA gives it to us straight and doesn’t complicate things too much, which leaves more room to focus on the music and just dance.

“So Much Noise” is out now via UK’s exciting new label BrashBeasts. Listen to IOTA’s latest and hear the rest of the inaugural compilation album here. Don’t forget to link up below.

IOTA – So Much Noise

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