Kingdom Hearts III is on the horizon and not only does it look amazing — it sounds amazing. Thanks to Skrillex and Hikaru Utada. The video game’s latest trailer is set to the first listen of their theme song together, “Face My Fears” and it’s simply beautiful.

The new short movie is packed with 1:30 of game play and serves as a sneak peek as to how the epic adventure begins. As heard in the video below, Grammy Award winner Skrillex and one of Japan’s top selling artists, Hikaru Utada are a perfect match for the theme song. Both artists set the mood with their one-of-a-kind collab, which is a clean, uplifting future bass production.

“Long-time fan originally asked to remix ‘s track, ‘Don’t Think Twice.’ However, owing to the pair’s friendship, this has now developed into a new & original collaboration…” Kingdom Heart’s official Twitter account shares.

“We’ve wrapped up development of III!” video game artist, Tetsuya Nomura also reveals. “If you haven’t had the chance yet, now would be a good time to prep by playing 1.5+2.5 & 2.8. See you next month!”

We’ve included both English and Japanese versions below. Watch here and get ready for Kingdom Hearts III!

Kingdom Hearts III – Opening Trailer