Even almost two years later, Fyre Festival is still a constant punchline and common reference when talking about a festival that doesn’t quite meet community standards. Though the event itself is long gone and its founders and backers are getting their own comeuppance, the full story has yet to be told except in scattered news articles and first-hand accounts.

Finally, in January 2019, the world will see a compilation of actual footage from the festival and the absolute dumpster fyre that it became.

Get your exclusive first look at FYRE — a revealing new doc about the insanity and rapid unraveling of Fyre Festival: the greatest party that never happened. Premieres January 18.

Hulu is also planning on releasing a multi-part docuseries on the festival in 2019. The series is being developed by Billboard, Mic, and The Cinemart

Fyre hits Netflix on January 18, 2019. It’s produced by Vice Studios, Library Films, and Jerry Media. Watch the trailer below.