The topic of musical elitism has been tackled before here at Your EDM, but it’s always good to get a refresher every once in a while, and it always helps if it’s from a new source. The latest tongue lashing comes from Must Die!. At a glace, Must Die! is just a dubstep producer; but going deeper, his discography reveals a much more diverse collection of genres and styles than just 140 BPM and wub wub.

So when fans complained to him that one of his openers played a “really nice house set,” he got on Twitter and talked some sense into them.

“People were complaining to me, thinking that I’d think it’s cool to only like dubstep,” he begins. “Here’s the thing… you’re a pussy if you don’t like house music.”

He goes on to specifically address the radical fandoms who perhaps cling too closely to their favorite genres to the point of admonishing others. It’s fine to have a favorite genre, or song, or artist, he explains, but when you become a bully about it, you’re not doing your community or the community you’re rallying against any good.

Check out Must Die!’s full argument below.


Photo via @Schafferbrady