Lady Gaga revealed the debut of her new Las Vegas residency ENIGMA last night at MGM’s Park Theater. With plenty of theatrics, pyrotechnics, and music, it’s already one of the highlights of the city, and Gaga fans are absolutely eating it up.

There’s a lot of influence that went into the production of the show, including Gaga’s own fascination with hologram singer Hatsune Miku, as well as her current obsession with the video game Bayonetta. On the actual music production side, she’s teamed up with Boys Noize for a few of the more electronically charged interludes.

Elements of the ENIGMA show were created via motion capture and CGI, capturing elements of Gaga’s own movements. That seems to be part of what’s shown in the first teaser video from Boys Noize below, aside from his own glitchy and dark production.

The second video shows the actual analog set up used to craft one of the interludes in the show, full of acid synths and LFOs and other treats.

We expect more from ENIGMA, Lady Gaga, and Boys Noize throughout the course of the residency in Vegas.