RL Grime is reflecting on 2018 with a list of his favorite things.

Of course, we’re particularly interested in his favorite songs from the year. In the post below, he shares selects from Drake, Uniiqu3, DJ Koze, Travis Scott, Kids See Ghosts, Pusha T, and more. Keeping it modest, the DJ/producer doesn’t include any of his own songs off NOVA.

RL Grime also shares his favorite movies, tv shows and app (spoiler: it’s Postmates for the 3rd year running). Plus, he goes off on a more random note, revealing his favorite drink, garnish and spice.

As one of the greatest tastemakers out there, especially when it comes to electronic music, it’s awesome to see where RL Grime’s head is at.

Explore some of RL Grime’s favorite things below — but don’t get too hung up on 2018. It’s a new year, about to be full of new favorites and firsts for everyone.

RL Grime’s Favorite Things 2018


Photo via Rukes.com