It’s been a long, long time coming, but Seven Lions, Wooli, and Trivecta’s “Island” with Nevve is finally out. This is one of those tracks that fans have been pining after for months — but does it stand up to the hype? Yes, yes it does.

The mix of each producer’s input is brilliantly distinct, with Seven Lions’ own blend of dubstep and melodic, Wooli’s filth, and Trivecta’s blend of the two. The beautifully melodic first and third drops are more than worth the wait alone, as they embody Seven Lions’ and Trivecta’s styles the most directly.

The second, more dubstep drop of the bunch is personally my least favorite of the bunch. The entirely atonal drop, devoid of any melody, when it’s surrounded by such a surplus, mostly just takes me out of the immersion. Though, having heard “Island” live, I can still confirm it is incredible surrounded by a group of people going absolutely wild. It’s a small criticism, and a personal one at that, but still something.

Listen to “Island” by Seven Lions, Wooli, and Trivecta’s with Nevve in full below!


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