The landscape of music is constantly shifting. Midtempo, which experienced such a fast rise in 2018, is already beginning to expose new producers and interesting ways of pushing the sound. Riddim, which experienced a scarily fast rise in 2017 akin to midtempo last year, is also undergoing such a change. There are only so many iterations of that sound you can make before fans start to become disinterested.

Thankfully, producers are masters of their craft and have a necessity to innovate. In that spirit, we’re happy to premiere KRIMER’s “Crown,” out now on Never Say Die. The typical riddim sound is immediately identifiable, but there are heaps of small idiosyncrasies that keep it interesting. From the manic LFOs to the rising warning siren just barely audible in the background, it’s formulated to keep your attention – and it succeeds. The little melodic bridges also help to break up the heavy bass.

All in all, I’m excited for the future of riddim and other bass sounds in 2019. If “Crown” by KRIMER is any indication, we have a lot to look forward to. Listen below and grab it here if you dig.