For some reason, Diplo’s sexual orientation has long been a debate among gossip blogs and intolerant fans. Diplo has exhibited elements of both hetero- and homosexuality, and has even tweeted before that he was “only half gay.” (Back in 2016 this apparently caused some confusion, but even just 2.5 years later, the world is much more tolerant of nonbinary sexuality.)

Tweeting last week about Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, some grouch replied wondering, “Y’all sure he is str8? [sic]”

Diplo responded simply, “masculinity is a prison.”

Diplo’s answer is both a scathing condemnation of toxic masculinity as well as a broader look into what makes the renowned producer/DJ/musician tick. Diplo has had two children with his ex, Kathryn Lockhart, but he’s also kissed Pabllo Vittar last year in the Brazilian drag star’s “Então Vai” music video. He’s also been a huge supporter of producer/DJ KANDY, who came out as gay last year and has been a major advocate for gay culture in his music.

If this is the Diplo we get to know in 2019, rather than the one picking fights with Zedd, or awkwardly hitting on Cardi B after her very public breakup with Offset, we’re about it.