TSA agents at JFK airport in NYC are making the most of the government shutdown by playing whatever the hell they want through the loudspeakers.

According to multiple reports, the unpaid workers have been playing uncensored material from Travis Scott, Kanye West, Ludacris, and more throughout the entire airport. Just imagine the dirty version of “Sicko Mode” playing as you get checked through by security. Pretty bad ass, right?

“JFK Airport blasting Ludacris at 5:45 am is a vibe,” one person shared on Twitter. Jay-Z and Paramore were also among the music selections, so it’s safe to say TSA has great taste.

Honestly, we’re about to book some flights with layovers at JFK just so we can experience this firsthand. Keep doing you, TSA! Don’t let ’em steal your shine!


H/T: Complex | Photo via Rukes.com