Tomorrowland wrapped up its first week of artist announcements a couple weeks ago, but there’s still plenty more to be announced. In fact, it seems one major announcement is on its way rather soon. A teaser posted to Tomorrowland’s socials this morning seems to suggest that a certain Swedish trio could be coming to Belgium this summer.

The 15-second teaser from Tomorrowland has stirred up a lot of debate from curious attendees, but the general consensus points to one name: Swedish House Mafia. The clip contains two notable clues that fans have zeroed in on to make their argument. First, a 3×3 grid of Tomorrowland logos appears two seconds in — Swedish House Mafia has been teasing all of their tour dates in 2019 in a similar fashion. Second, the words “One World Radio” flash very briefly around the nine second mark.

While these clues are tenuous at best, they’re what fans have chosen to hang their hats on.

No matter the actual reveal, the fact of the matter is that it’s probably coming very soon. Stay tuned to Tomorrowland’s socials and Your EDM to be the first to hear about what the festival has coming for its special 15th anniversary.


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra