Diplo just hit us with a fresh collection of tunes worth swooning over…

His 6-track Europa EP is a trip down memory lane for the artist, and a brand new experience for listeners to soak in. With a feature on every track, Diplo extracts plenty of flavors from the European scene, putting his own spin on the production in unexpected ways.

Europa is described as a love letter to the continent where Diplo cut his teeth as a DJ/producer. Before he made it big, he was playing Notting Hill Carnival and DJ sets at Fabric. Flash forward to now and Diplo is truly worldwide, but he’ll never forget his roots.

The Europa EP boasts striking collaborations with Octavian on “New Shapes,” Niska on “Boom Bye Bye,” and   IAMDDB on “Mira Mira.” He also enlists in Bausa, Soolking, Bizzey and Ramiks for the new release. If anyone has an ear for rising talent, it’s Diplo.

This is going to be on repeat for a while… Listen here and feel the vibe.

Diplo – Europa EP