We here at Your EDM have been low-key obsessed with Erich Mrak since his almost too chill vibe track “Summer Dealer” came out in August 2017. His knack for mixing hip hop-tinged trap, ambient EDM and more vocoder than T-Pain is somewhat intoxicating. His latest track “Drive” is probably his best yet in mixing these styles.

“Drive” has a number of elements to it that make it more complex and certainly more emotive than Mrak’s previous singles, which were still very good in their own right. “Drive” opens with Mrak’s signature distorted vocoder vocals and a high pitched piano melody which is secondary to the vocals. This combination along with the emotional impact of the first lyrical verse really reach out and slap the listener in the face. It’s instantly emotional wistful and relatable. But Mrak is only just gearing up.

Once the minimal, snare-heavy trap beat is introduced, “Drive” ramps up another notch as it’s now danceable with a chill vibe. Any raver knows the feeling Mrak is describing with his vocals: “I wanna drive; barely had no sleep…” That feeling of driving in the early hours of the morning, both relaxed and tired, buzzing with the possibility of life and aching for more. As the track moves on, even more emotional music backs up this sentiment. It’s almost Cure-esque. The listener feels it in their heart.

As “Drive” rolls on, the ambient music intensifies as Mrak’s vocals fade, almost as they might on one of those impromptu road trips through a sleeping city, where thought gives over to full experience. As driver and passenger experience a true present because they are too tired for waking consciousness but too conscious to sleep. Mrak’s music always has this kind of effect, using emotion and sound to drag listeners out of their consciousness stupors in order to find true consciousness. Trippy? Yes. Beautiful? Still Yes. “Drive” is the finest example of Erch Mrak’s experiments with sound and dance music.

“Drive” is out now and can be streamed or purchased on multiple platforms by clicking here.