We have a neat premiere lined up today. Spreading his newest sound far and wide is AEXCIT, who release “Ain’t You” via AESTHETE Music today. The duo, who hail from Germany, truly shine with this record and it’s a great look for AESTHETE, too.

Taking a lead with strong, dynamic melodies that are instantly infectious, “Ain’t You” is a chance to fully absorb AEXCIT’s style. Driving vocals are a focal point throughout, and enable the listener to get swept up in their energy.

The pair says: “Ain’t You” was a true challenge for us since we were developing a new sound through this song, which was significantly different from our previous releases. Overall it was more than a year in the making, because we had to try so many different versions of it until we started feeling ok with it. When the singer then sent us the amazing vocals, it felt like they were the perfect match for the sound and atmosphere of the instrumental track. That was the turning point for us and from there we were able to move on and finalize the track quickly…”

Pick up a copy here.