There are almost too many incredible bass producers coming out of Europe to keep track of, but far and away, Gentlemens Club and SampliFire make up four of the top ones. These UK gentlemen and French connoisseur have finally teamed up for “Pump It Up,” out now via Bassrush.

“Pump It Up” plays itself off as a pretty subdued tune at first, leading things in with a low-volume vocal sample and lead synth before switching gears. It’s not long before you get the suspense of an impending heavy drop, and the actual drop itself is sure not to disappoint.

Gentlemens Club: “We’ve been inspired by early rave music for as long as we can remember. Combined with our current style and Samplifire’s high energy bass, we created Pump It Up.”

SampliFire: “We wanted to create a high energy club breaker, taking inspirations from the 90’s for introduction leading to a modern bass music design in the drop. On a personal note it was such a goal to work with these guys!”

There’s a lot of old school rave vibes, including the synth breaks and drums, that go into making this a throwback and modern classic all in one. And be sure to listen until the very end for an unexpected surprise. Check out “Pump It Up” from Gentlemens Club & SampliFire below.