Ask anyone who works with me, and they’ll tell you the same thing: getting me to write about house music is like pulling teeth. It can be fun in the moment at a show but it’s one of my least favorite genres to listen to at home. That being said, good music is good music, and Tommie Sunshine & SLATIN’s remix of “Dance and Chant” from Yolanda Be Cool is insanely fun.

I’ll admit, listening to the intro to this remix, I was entirely ready to be disappointed by another uninspired drop. Color me pleasantly surprised when that bright and euphoric horn section comes in with the acid synths. It keeps things supremely interesting and veers away from the typical untz untz of club house. With all of the little added bleep and bloop effects in the bridge, it even keeps things fun without the vocals.

Yolanda Be Cool said of the remix, “We love what Tommie and SLATIN did. They took what we gave them and added some extra grunt and there’s always a time and place for some of that.”

Tommie Sunshine said, “As a long time fan of Yolanda Be Cool, the moment I first heard the promo of Dance & Chant I reached out to Sweat It Out & asked for the stems. This is a very special record & one that I hope will drive House Music back to the top. I felt it needed a bit of oomph so SLATIN & I did just that with sprinkles of Modular action in there & now I can bang this alongside all the biggest Tech House tracks at the moment.”

Check this one out below and be sure to add it to your house party playlist — this one is sure to go off!