Today, I bring you a message of hope. Of love. And of the promise of a bright new day! Given our current culture and the state of our country as a whole, there could not be a better time for Griz and Matisyahu to team up and bring a message like this to the world in their music video for “A New Day.” With all the violence and the attacks that have been pervading our society, it falls to artists like these guys to not just recognize the problem, but to offer up a message of hope for the healing and renewal that can come.

In this heartfelt and moving video, messages from people who have actually been affected by the events of the past few years put faces to the words we have read. It brings humanity at its most vulnerable to the main stage, demonstrating that humans have an almost unwavering strength to not only persevere, but also to forgive. And through this process, they can help others to heal and rebuild a better world at the same time.

Using live news footage, personal videos, and fantastic cinematic beauty, the video overlays a song that, as its name suggests, inspires us to get up live “A New Day.” True to his roots, Matisyahu’s signature reggae vocals and rhythmic prowess shine bright against this powerful backdrop. Weaving his island vibe into Griz’s cleverly manipulated electronic base creates a sound that both excites and delights! In a completely revitalized imagining of what both genres are know for, both Griz and Matisyahu create a friendship of sound that has us in awe wondering what we just heard!

It is a must see and a must hear, so make sure to check out the video HERE right now!