Like a ton of bricks, JOYRYDE just hit us with another track off his forthcoming debut album BRAVE. In collaboration with GOLD, the producer proves yet again that he’s the master of bass-driven, genre-bending certified slappers.

GOLD drops some some heavy words on the beat as JOYRYDE lays down a thick blend of hip hop, bass and trap. This is a producer that’s persistent in finding unique hybrid with every release, but the end result always screams JOYRYDE. Blindfold any listener with a trained ear and they’d be able to pinpoint his distinct style heard with “YUCK.”

The moody track leaves fans at the edge of their seats, with an abrupt ending that probably lands perfectly with the next track. Once BRAVE drops we’ll be able to fill in the gaps. For now, just enjoy.

Listen and feel the power of “YUCK” right here!

“Not a world of words, but of things that you cannot express.”



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