Beatport just recognized bass house as an official genre category and to be honest — it’s about time.

Part of the beauty of Beatport is its user-friendly interface and breakdown by genre. The ability a music lover has to go down the rabbit hole of any given category and hear an in depth snapshot of the current trends is second to none. Truly an unbeatable experience.

It can be dangerous at times, because with all the popping charts and relevant, hand-picked selections — it’s easy to spend a lot of money on music. However, Beatport hasn’t fully capitalized on the bass house genre until now. With Jauz, JOYRYDE, Malaa, Tchami and more dominating the category, it’s going to be hard to stop exploring bass house once you’ve started.

In 2014, Jauz hit us with “Feel The Volume” and we all felt the bass house movement come alive. Even if you don’t absolutely love that style of music, it’s impossible to ignore it’s impact on EDM and dance music culture.

Thankfully, the days of bass house productions being sprinkled into categories such as electro and future house, garage and more are over. At this point, the genre has been popularized enough to be its own thing. We’re stoked — and we’re not the only ones.

“The launch of a new genre, like Bass House, is exciting. It’s the recognition of a new sound, representing an evolution in electronic music.” – Malaa

“Bass House is a very useful sub-genre for browsing on Beatport. It fills in all the gaps between garage/bassline and future house/electro. The Bass House section will undoubtedly include loads of exciting releases and artists.” – AC Slater


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