ZHU and Disclosure have a collab on the very near horizon and the music world is dying to hear it!

The image below briefly posted to ZHU’s Instagram Story and then deleted confirms a collab from these powerhouse dance artists is indeed dropping next week. Now, the minds of fans are racing with what this might sound like, as we anxiously await this collaboration.

With a sound so distinct, it’s easy to hear when ZHU is working his magic. Following his standout album that dropped last year, he’s an unstoppable force in dance music. He even took time off touring to focus on making more.

Meanwhile, Disclosure made a comeback last year with a variery of surprise, one-off singles. The duo has since confirmed they have an album release in the works, and have enough unreleased material for several albums.

It was really only a matter of time before these greats combined their talents. Check back here next week to hear what they have come up with!

ZHU x Disclosure

Photo via Rukes.com