KFC played a set at Ultra Music Festival yesterday and DJs are sounding off about it.

Days ago, KFC took to Twitter to announce that DJ Colonel Sanders would take the stage — not just any stage mind you, but the Main Stage — at Ultra Miami. Here’s what the brand wrote:

One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have been a huge fan of electronic music for the last few days, and I can’t wait to show off the DJ skills I’ve developed in that time. SEE ME LIVE AT ULTRA on 3/29!

From the beginning, this entire stunt has been pretty cheesy. Even yesterday’s headliner, Marshmello called KFC’s set “lame.” The main argument against DJ Colonel Sanders amongst popular DJs is the fact that there are plenty up-and-coming artists deserving of the spot. And, they’re absolutely right.

Various DJs describe the “Ultra Fast Food Festival” stunt as a “rip on rave culture,” “Disneyland corporate level shit,” and just flat out “tacky.” Extra crispy or not — for many in the industry, this is hard to stomach.

Colonel Sanders @ Ultra Music Festival [Full Set]

So, Colonel Sanders set at Ultra Music Festival was… interesting 🤔

Posted by Your EDM on Friday, March 29, 2019

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DJs React To KFC’s Ultra Set