Two of the biggest names in dance music, W&W and Nicky Romero, have finally joined forces to bring us a perfect festival-ready, progressive house tune, “Ups & Downs.” These two titans of the Dutch EDM scene have both been busy at work in the studio pumping out tons of new music lately. Nicky has been producing more radio-friendly, pop-oriented tunes of late, while W&W have been dabbling in psy-trance and happy hardcore with some of their latest releases. This track definitely goes back to basics for W&W and Nicky, this is a progressive house anthem tailor-made for the festival stage. Shockingly, these two artists have never made a song together, until now that is.

The track opens with a slightly pitched vocal hook “We bottle up our ups and downs, it’s only when the lights go down that we come out.” This lyric is meant to be an homage to the self-expression of dance music culture. The hook repeats as some synths build up in the background. From there a huge anthemic synth riff takes over, it’s pretty much a perfect “hands up” moment for a festival. Next, there’s a slight build up with the same melody, but different synths. The drop is unbridled progressive house bliss; the song certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any means, but it’s a wonderful melody and a tried and true song formula. This song fits perfectly in any W&W or Nicky Romero set, and I’ll certainly be jumping for joy when this one drops.

Check out W&W vs. Nicky Romero “Ups & Downs” out now on Protocol.