It’s been two years now since the historic scam that was Fyre Festival, but the shock waves are still emanating. Now, both major streaming services behind the popular documentaries about the event could be subpoenaed for their collection of behind-the-scenes footage that was used by Netflix and Hulu respectively.

Gregory Messer, the trustee responsible for the Fyre Festival estate, said

“In order to create the documentaries, both Hulu and Netflix used unique behind-the-scenes footage of the festival. Due to a lack of information, it is impossible for the Trustee to determine where the footage came from and whether such footage was an asset of the Debtor’s estate.”

He’s seeking subpoenas for both Netflix and Hulu as part of a bankruptcy filing on behalf of his client. Should the subpoenas be granted, it’s possible the Fyre Festival estate could sue both streaming services for not paying Fyre Festival for usage of the footage in question.

Neither streaming service has responded for a request to comment at this time, according to Bloomberg.