Telekinesis are probably one of the hardest-hitting acts in neurofunk at the moment, having toggled back and forth between Eatbrain and Blackout for their last few releases and stunning the dancefloors with their chunky synths and unrelenting hard beats.

While they’ve given no indication of splitting Smooth out of Telekinesis has made his solo debut on Eatbrain recently with the EP Monster Inside. It’s another hard-hitting release full of explosive bangers and heavy basslines. Now Eatbrain have also released their customary Eatbrain podcast featuring Smooth, so the neurofunk world can get a good sense of what his solo vibes are about. Not to mention over 90 minutes of heavy hard bass.

Monster Inside is a little more stripped down compared to the last Telekinesis release In My Mind but it’s clear that Smooth did this on purpose. The opening track “Roly Poly” seems a study for Smooth in sound design and rolling drumline composition while in the title track he plays with minimal beats, tempo and ambient melody. “Ride Out” featuring Coppa also has some fun melodic and cinematic elements. Fans would likely find this track to be the most like recent Telekinesis tracks were it not for Coppa’s heavy lyrics adding even more dimension. Closing track “Devil’s Head” seems to combine all the experiments Smooth was tinkering with in other tracks and with its complexity, sound design and ravey feel is a great highlight to cap off the EP.

Smooth’s Eatbrain podcast is even more of a journey through Smooth’s exploratory mind, as he pairs classic Telekinesis jams, some more of his own tracks from Viper and GetHype and lots of current and classic bangers. It’s a rollercoaster of a mix with lots of twists, turns and unexpected pairings, not unlike Monster Inside itself.

It will be interesting to see where Smooth himself and Telekinesis as a group go from here, both style-wise and with upcoming releases. It seems, however, that the members of Telekinesis still have a lot to offer the DnB world, whether they’re together or on solo projects.

Monster Inside is out now on Eatbrain and available to stream or purchase by clicking here. Check out Eatbrain’s