One of our favourite producers, Ian Munro, is back in a big way! The rising bass producer has had endless support from UZ and his Quality Goods Records platform, and his new single ‘Again, Again’ is another indication of great things to come.

Having collaborated with Awoltalk for ‘Lost In You’ last year and dropping the huge hit ‘Fever Dream,’ ‘Again, Again’ features a deep bassline that blends his signature snare claps and off-kilter synths. As the bassline shudders and builds in intensity to its final climax, suddenly it’s all over – leaving you desperately want to relive it once again.

Ian Munro shared his thoughts on the single, saying: “Again, Again’ to me really hits this beautiful moment that sits right in between melancholy and hope. Never quite gravitating more towards either – but occupying both at the same time.”

Make sure you give Munro’s latest release a listen below.