Sometimes you just know when you see two producers come together that you’re going to get something special. When I saw that Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso had a collab on the way, I figured it would be something I’d enjoy. Their latest release, “Midnight Sun” exceeds all expectations and delivers a fun and infectious track that blends some old school house vibes with pure progressive house bliss. This song will get the crowd going whether it be at a festival, in the club, or even poolside, this song has a bright tone overall.

The track opens with a vocal track and some layered synths, it’s reminiscent of the late 90s dance/house music that would have been at home on the A Night at the Roxbury soundtrack. The track gets to the buildup quickly, where more modern production elements start taking over. From there, some lush and bright synths take over, and it’s clear we have a progressive house track on our hands. Combine all the elements of the track and it’s clear you have a feel-good banger that should gets tons of play this festival season. Here’s what Nicky and Florian had to say about “Midnight Sun.”

“Working with Florian is always a pleasure, and we have a ton of fun in the studio. From the moment we started on this record I knew it was special and it all finally came together when we connected in Miami for Ultra. I’m hoping the fans will love it as much as we do.” – Nicky Romero

“‘Midnight Sun’ has a lot of my own style, but Nicky took it to the next level and really helped the record to get to its full potential.” – Florian Picasso

Check out Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso’s “Midnight Sun” out now on Protocol.