Part of the thrill of dance music is hearing all the interesting combinations that come about through collaborations and remixes. Nobody was expecting a Diplo remix for Carnage‘s “Letting People Go” featuring Prinze George — and that’s much of its beauty.

Diplo’s current recipe for house-focused dance floor heaters, as heard with his latest Higher Ground EP, comes through yet again with this new remix. It doesn’t take much to transform the track into a four on the floor house groove, but Diplo works it perfectly.

“I liked this song a lot and I really want Carnage to owe me a favor cause one day I might be in jail and need bail money.”  – DIPLO

He adds just enough to the production, while keeping the original integrity Carnage shaped. Familiar melodies, light synths, and Prinze George’s dazzling performance shine through as Diplo puts a slight, tasteful twist on the track.

“Letting People Go” sounds emotional as ever… Listen to the Diplo remix here, as well as the original for comparison.

Carnage – “Letting People Go” feat. Prinze George (Diplo Remix)

Carnage – “Letting People Go” feat. Prinze George