OK D&B keyboard historians, get ready to have some serious “Knowledge” dropped. Knowledge Magazine (normally referred to as Kmag) has just announced that it will be releasing a beautiful book as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. Not just a chronicling of KMag’s massive contribution to the D&B community over the years, the book will be a compendium of drum & bass and jungle’s past, present and future.

Knowledge Mag was one of the original publications for all things drum and bass which started in 1994 and which ran until 2014. For 20 years, Kmag was the premiere place for D&B news, reviews, mixes and more and it still maintains a huge amount of respect from jungle and drum & bass artists, fellow press and fans alike.

Kmag co-founder Colin Steven commissioned and will be editing the book and he had a number of reasons for doing it.

“The main reason I’m bringing Knowledge back is that I feel I have unfinished business. Reaching 20 years was such an important milestone but it was a bittersweet moment and I didn’t celebrate it because I knew the end was coming…At first I considered doing a magazine but I want to make it really special. One of the things former readers say to me when they find out that I used to edit Knowledge is that they still have all of their copies and can’t bring themselves to throw them away!”

Steven’s not wrong. Talk to any junglist or D&B head who was around while Kmag was in print and almost all of us still have a stack of them somewhere in our homes. The digital Kmag was just as well-respected. Steven doesn’t just want to focus on the Kmag’s history, however. The book will not only be chronicling the history of D&B but where it is now and what’s coming in the future. In many ways with this book, Steven is proving Kmag never left. It’s only natural that the book should report on D&B’s past, present and future as Kmag did for so many years.

The Knowledge Magazine 25th Anniversary Book will be released in December as a limited-edition hardback with a striking embossed cloth cover. It can be pre-ordered now on the Kmag website. There were also be a 25th anniversary celebration party in London in October. Sign-up list for tickets and details are also on Kmag.co.uk.