I’ve said it multiple times to friends and I maintain it to this day: Illenium’sGood Things Fall Apart” with Jon Bellion is one of my favorite tracks this year. Between the lyrics and the production, it’s fucking phenomenal. So it gives me pause as Illenium has announced a forthcoming big room remix from Tiësto.

As a genre, big room has mostly died off… it’s bled out into progressive house and tech house as if put through a centrifuge to separate its components into base parts. However, it still remains in select situations, and apparently this one.

It’s hard to comprehend what a “GTFA” Big Room remix might sound like, and how it might still be able to retain the ideals of the original from Illenium, if that’s even the goal at all. If anyone can make a big room remix hit, it’s Tiesto, but why even go that path to begin with?

At the end of the day, any griping is premature until we’ve actually heard the track. Thankfully, we don’t have to ruminate on it too long. It’s out this Friday, July 12.


Photo: Matthew Dippel