Zeds Dead has been dropping collab after collab this year… ever take a minute to stop and think about that? Turns out, they’re dropping a compilation album full of collaborations with Deadbeats artists and it’s coming soon. All of this was uncovered by @Electric_Hawk on Twitter, though Zeds Dead themselves have been laying the breadcrumbs for months now.

The reveal started in May, after ZD dropped their collaboration with Dion Timmer and Delaney Jane. “RescueΒ is off an upcoming project we’re putting out where we collaborate with a lot of our friends and artists that we play in our sets,” they shared on Twitter. “The project kind of embodies the type of feel we’re trying to create with our label Deadbeats.”

Collaborator Funkin Matt says it’s coming out soon, so we’ll just have to wait and see! Check out the possible tracks on the album below, hunted down by @Electric_Hawk.

#14 confirmed to be a collaboration with Funkin Matt.

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