Last year’s Coachella produced one of our favorite viral videos of all time: Kid Cudi coming out and dancing with an ear-to-ear grin on his face while MGMT played “Electric Feel.” Across all social media platforms, the video has received tens of millions of views, but Cudi just cleared up something — he wasn’t drunk at all.

Genius posted the video again on Twitter last week, prompting Cudi to come out with the true story of the affair.

I dont know if I ever told yall this but, this was right when the acid started kickin in and I couldn’t help myself haha so no I wouldn’t say I was drunk just trippin balls. @whoisMGMT thanx for lettin me groove w you. My face was melting and I felt so fuckin free!!

Well, there you have it.

Watch the video of Kid Cudi dancing again below.