Summer in the US means festivals, beach, and break from school. It also means, apparently, a rise in first time drug users, according to a published Tuesday in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

According to the study, over a third of LSD use and around 30% of ecstasy and marijuana use starts in the summer, and around 28% of cocaine use. “People aren’t working like crazy,” said Dr. Joseph Palamar, the study’s lead author. “If you’re going out, maybe just because of the warmer weather, you might be hanging out with people more.”

Festivals were named as a possible major contributing factor in the rise of the drugs, noting the available party atmosphere and an already willingness to try new things, especially ecstasy.

“Particularly these days, the festival scene is huge,” Palamar said.

If you’re planning on trying drugs for the first time, doing so responsibly is paramount. Make sure you have trusted friends with you and always test your substances before taking them. Test kits are available from DanceSafe here.


via CBS