Following a live VR listening experience yesterday via The Wave VR, Rezz has now officially unveiled her new EP, Beyond The Senses. Having already heard half the songs as singles, the remaining half (which is also coincidentally the latter half of the EP) comes to wrap things up.

“Dark Age,” “Falling,” and “Kiss of Death” already gave listeners a pretty good idea of how the EP as a whole would sound. However, we’ve been waiting for that Sayer collab basically since the beginning of the year, and the tracks with EDDIE and The Rigs also carried with them a sense of curiosity.

Both the EDDIE and Sayer collabs are more minimal than a lot of Rezz tunes, delving more into the meaning behind the title of EP. There seems to be a definite shift toward less melodic, more deep bass and heavy vibration on this release.

That being said, the EP ends on a vocal track, a rarity for Rezz. To date, she’s only had a handful before, “Toxin” with Fytch, “Melancholy” with Laura Brehm, and “Lost” with Delaney Jane. Given its rarity, “Lonely” ends up being one of our favorite tracks on the EP.

Listen to the full Beyond the Senses EP from Rezz below, out now!


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