It’s been a full year since Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Nicky Romero dropped their highly anticipated collab “Here We Go.” Both artists have been dominating the festival circuit since then, and now we finally have a follow-up. “Everybody Clap” is another sure fire festival anthem featuring all the elements to get the main stage crowd going wild. Both DVLM and Nicky unveiled the track at Tomorrowland this year, and it’s also the latest free download as part of DVLM’s Summer of Madness. Celebrating the sounds of Tomorrowland, the Belgian super-duo have also dropped collabs with Quintino (“Boing”), Paris Hilton (Best Friend’s Ass), and their latest smash hit, “Instagram” with David Guetta and Daddy Yankee.

“Everybody Clap” shares some similarities with its predecessor “Here We Go.” The track gets going quickly, there’s no intro. A vocal hook repeats, “Everybody clap, clap, clap, clap…” it’s like a vocal metronome, there’s some brief production elements in the background, but before you know it, the song is already building toward the drop. The drop consists of some synth horn grooves that increase and then decrease in pitch, it’s a really cool effect. Right after the drop you get that perfect segue into silence, that will allow everyone at the festival to put their hands up. From there the song perfectly builds up using all of the production elements of the song before you get the second drop.

“Everybody Clap” is an imminently fun track, and it’s the perfect addition to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Summer of Madness. There’s still three more tracks to be released, as well. Nicky Romero also just dropped the second part of his three-part documentary, “Redefine.” It’s a fascinating look into the mind of one of this generation’s premiere producers.

Check out Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Nicky Romero “Everybody Clap” out now on Protocol. Available for free download at Check out both DVLM and Nicky’s Tomorrowland sets as well.

DVLM will be hitting up some European festivals for the rest of the summer. They will be playing their residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza, as well. You can catch them stateside at Wonderfront in San Diego this November. Nicky will also be hitting up some European festivals, however, he has a few US dates that you can catch him at.

September – 6 – Pure – Sunnyvale, CA
September 7 – Omnia – Las Vegas, NV
October 25 – District – Atlanta, GA
October 26 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
November 8 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
December 6 – Omnia – Las Vegas, NV
December 14 – Prysm – Chicago, IL


Photo by Boy Kortekaas