Marshmello and more entered into massive contracts with new nightclub KAOS at the Palms in Las Vegas earlier this year; just six months later, it’s been rumored, and all but confirmed, that the club is hemorrhaging money and most artists have cut their contracts short, including Mello.

With his exit nigh, sources claim that Marshmello will still receive a handsome payout in the millions. It won’t equal the $30 million he was expected to receive in his first year at the club, but will still be significant. (He was reportedly paid approximately $600,000 per weekend, and was the linchpin of the Palms rebrand earlier this year.)

Not connected to the deal, James Sammataro, a Miami-based attorney at Pryor Cashman and co-chair of the firm’s media and entertainment practice group, told that, given that Marshmello “signed with The Palms amidst a bidding war with the Wynn, his contract presumably contains a handsome parting gift.”

Sammataro mentions that a smartly-built contract would contain built-in outs at regular intervals, for instance every six months.

Kamal Moo, a Los Angeles entertainment attorney who has represented such artists as Janet Jackson, doesn’t exactly agree with Sammataro: “I don’t see many agreements that give the artist the ability to just walk away from an engagement. That would basically defeat the purpose of having a contract.”

Moo says short of the venue burning down, simply walking away from a contract isn’t such a straightforward process.

Neither the artists originally booked for KAOS nor the club have made any public statement on the rumors as yet. Attempts to reach both parties for comment have been unsuccessful.


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