We’re kicking off our week with the incredible new EP In Retrospective from Manchester producer Duskus and label favourites Foreign Family Collective. The time spent refining his craft is displayed throughout the entire work, as Duskus has created a project that rivals some of the best future bass-oriented music around.

In Retrospective features five tracks in total: opener ‘Be There For You’ and ‘I Can Change Your Mind’ both released over the past month. The EP is a slow-burning collection that hypnotises the listener while pulling them in and out of consciousness. Duskus has been able to bridge the gap between U.K. and American bass music, and the result is a blend of lo-fi house and future beats, intertwined with vocal chops like you haven’t heard.

Speaking on this special and highly personal project, Duskus shares: “In Retrospect’ is a journey to find myself as an artist and as a person. It is discovering how fragile and delicate this world is, comparing how people choose to live, and the different pathways that they take. I believe that life doesn’t have a guideline, and there’s no right or wrong way to live, each decision we have made in the past, has shaped our power and knowledge now. ‘In Retrospect’ showcases my existential mind drifting in and out of different life stages, to create a journey of wonder and mystery.”

With a tour planned over the coming months, make sure you keep an eye out for announcements and take a listen to the EP below.