Eric Prydz is doing everything in his power to make sure the dying wish of a fan is fulfilled…

Years ago, James Lillo — one of Prydz’s most dedicated supporters — shared on Reddit that he had tickets to EPIC 5.0, but feared terminal cancer would prevent him from seeing his favorite producer one last time.

After hearing his story, Prydz planned on flying him out for a semi-private concert event in LA. However, Lillo died before it could ever happen.

With the family’s blessing, Prydz went on to throw two charity shows to celebrate the life of James Lillo. All ticket sales went toward Lillo’s chosen charity, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). A track was also released in his honor.

Back in 2016, Prydz wrote: “His battle and story have affected me deeply, and now more than ever I want to play the event to raise money for the charity that James has chosen, and honor his memory.”

Prydz was left with a piece of Lillo and flash-forward to now — he’s taking him on a journey.

Words from Lillo’s parents read: “We would be delighted if you held onto James or found a place for him to rest. He loved to travel the world… so wherever you feel is best is perfect. P.S. he’s always dreamt of going to Australia.”

Prydz has now followed up with “Let’s go to Australia buddy..”

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❤️ let’s go to Australia buddy.. ❤️

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