Back in November, James Lillo reached out to the Reddit community about getting Eric Prydz to perform on the East Coast. Lillo had been diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer in January, and wanted nothing more than to see Eric Prydz’ EPIC tour for the first time before he passed away. Prydz’ team responded with much more than anticipated, planning to fly Lillo out for a show on January 1st, and promising to donate all the proceeds to his charity of choice. Tragically, James Lillo passed away just a week later.

Prydz went on to throw two intimate, sold-out shows in honor of Lillo, and crafted some new music in his memory, which has just been officially released. “Lillo” is the name of Eric Prydz’ brand new single, offering an emotional journey to honor the man for whom it’s named after. The entire experience has been a whirlwind of emotion for Eric Prydz, his team, and his vast community of supporters.

All of the track’s proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research Institute.

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