Festivals are a place for self-discovery, fun with friends, and exploration of new music. What you choose to do beyond that is up your own devices, but safety and caution should always be taken into consideration. Neither was exercised by Dutch actress Imanuelle Grives who was arrested at the Belgian dance festival Tomorrowland in July with ecstasy pills, MDMA, cocaine and ketamine. More drugs were found at the place where Grives was staying with two friends.

Grives has been jailed for two years, one suspended, and fined €1,000 for dealing in illegal drugs. Writes Dutch News, “Her lawyer originally said the she had taken the drugs to Belgium as part of her preparation for a film role. The actress later admitted she intended to sell the drugs and her lawyer blamed her ‘partying lifestyle’ and the fact she was ‘trying to find herself’. It was an act of great stupidity, he told the court in Antwerp.”

Grives is known for her roles in the film Alleen maar nette mensen and television series Flikken Rotterdam and Flikken Maastricht.


via Dutch News