Even Spotify, with its seemingly endless catalogue of music, doesn’t have everything. Still, the streaming service is constantly striving to add more to its shelves. Earlier this year, “Heaven Only Knows” from Towkio featuring Lido, Chance the Rapper, and Eryn Allen Kane finally made it to Spotify after its original release in 2015. Today, ODESZA’s remix of “Waited 4 U” by Slow Magic is finally available to stream.

The ODESZA remix of Slow Magic is even older than the Towkio tune, dating back to 2014, just as the electronic duo was starting to gain notoriety.

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“Waited 4 U” was released on Slow Magic’s critically acclaimed album How To Run Away in 2014, along with “Girls” and “On Yr Side.” The ODESZA remix contains all of the duo’s iconic soundscapes, though noticeably… less. It’s clear to see how they’ve grown and developed over the past five years listening to this remix in comparison to their newer work.

Regardless, this should make plenty of fans uncontrollably happy. Check it out below, whether you’re rediscovering an old favorite or listening for the first time!


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful