After years, Ookay has parted ways with Moe Shalizi, first at Red Light Management then The Shalizi Group, for newer pastures. He now finds himself at home with Keel Management, the team who also works with Ekali, Louis The Child, Dr. Fresch, and more.

Ookay has had a fantastic year touring with his live show, tuning it up with each successive performance. Following his debut album Wow! Cool Album! last year, he’s released a more conservative collection of songs in 2019, including “SWEAT” and the most recent, “Lecha.”

He says of the change in management, “As an artist I’m excited to tread new waters with new friendships! Luckily it was a mutual decision. Although my business isn’t done with Shalizi as it once was, our friendship is still as strong as before we started working together. I’m only grateful for their participation in my musical direction and excited to see a new take with KEEL and getting a new perspective! I love KEEL’s whole roster and I’ve been friends with them for a while which is why it’s so organic. They believe in what I’m doing so I’m only grateful and blessed as an artist to have this transition happen so smoothly. Excited for 2020 and also super excited for my sophomore album forming as we speak! So much work to do. Feels like I’m starting all over again!”

Your EDM has reached out to Keel for an additional statement on the new signing, but haven’t heard back at time of publishing. Check out some of Ookay’s top tracks below.


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