We might be getting some new Skrillex music soon, and it’s going to be a collaboration between him and Softest Hard!

The first hint of the collab apparently came out around HARD Day of the Dead at the beginning of November, when Softest Hard played ahead of Dog Blood (Skrillex + Boys Noize) that night. According to Zxkin on Reddit, “So basically before ending her set Softest Hard just said ‘do you guys wanna hear some new music?’ and then played this track.”

Early reactions to the post questioned whether it was in fact a collaboration with Skrillex, but new evidence on Instagram stories confirms initial suspicions.

“Testing some new w @softest.hard,” wrote Skrillex in a caption. “UNRELEASED SOFTIE X SKRILLY,” wrote Softest Hard in hers.

Check out the short clip below!

Bird ID is a collaboration between Skrillex and Softest Hard from skrillex


Photo via Rukes.com