Artists like The Chainsmokers often make their own schedules when touring, but for the right price, you can even get this Billboard chart-topping group to play your end of year holiday party. According to Fox 8 in Cleveland, a company called United Shore in Michigan did over $106 billion in mortgage lending in 2019, so the sky was really the limit.

At the holiday party for the company, you could find gourmet food, magicians, violinists, a harpist, and even, yes, The Chainsmokers. From the photos, it doesn’t appear that Matt McGuire was part of this booking, since it appears to just be a DJ set.

But with floor tickets for The Chainsmokers set in LA running upwards of $150, it’s staggering to wonder how much money United Shore dropped on this performance. Either way, congratulations to the company for the great business year! Now lower my interest rates, please…

What a night it was! The 2019 Holiday Party did not disappoint!

Posted by United Shore on Wednesday, December 11, 2019


via Fox 8