Kittball‘s latest EP comes from focus artists Paji and Juliet Sikora. You may remember Juliet especially because of her involvement in club smash “Set it Off” with Tube & BergerPaji was the mastermind of “Six O’ Clock“, a Beatport Top 10 from not long ago. These two have teamed up for a two track EP entitled Dimension, all about delivering a slightly more subdued, deeper take than most talked about deep house as of late. Their collaborative track “Dimension” features a lilting vocal duet, a characteristic that has been desperately lacking in contemporary house tracks. The keys are also an entertaining touch. B-side “Lacerta” from Paji breaks out the guitar licks and the pitched down vocals we have come to love in deep tracks. Both tracks have their own spins on things but all-in-all make one succinct package. Grab the Dimension EP from Paji and Juliet Sikora here.